NURTURING – Preparing People for Life


Bringing people up to ready them for life.


Making everyone brave enough to surpass their challenges and achieve their goals


FUTURE – Long Lasting Results for a dignified Life


The end point is the goal.


All Amaly’s activities are based on the hope for a better future for all patients, for families and for the society as a whole.


KNOWLEDGE – Specialized Care 


In the mental health care sector, reputation comes from knowledge.


Scientific knowledge combined with a deep understanding of the problems at hand.


A localized expertise.


Amaly leverages that to instill trust in its patients and to attract more partners to help with its cause.


INTEGRATION – From the individual to family, out to society


Integration is both the approach and the benefit in Amaly.


It is the approach because Amaly integrates into one single Unique Selling Proposition the ability to change people, families and the entire society.
It is the benefit because Amaly aims at building a place where everyone feels welcomed.




It is all about dignity.


Living your life proud.
Maintaining your family life strong.
Belonging to a society that recognizes your value.